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Java Development
Java Development

Will Java Development Ever Rule the World?

In the world of technology, programming languages play a vital role. For software, engineer coding is a basic skill required to work in any IT company. Despite there are many coding languages used in the development process, one language Java has created its mark in this industry. The demand for mobile applications and websites will always increase. Java is key for any mobile app development, website development etc. which ensures Java Development is bright for years to come. Even during a pandemic when the market is down, the demand for Java developers is huge. For the last two years, recruiters are looking for candidates who are strong in Java language which has made it the third most famous language across the globe.


Interesting facts about Java:


  • Best secured, robust and simple language.
  • The original name was OAK. Java is named as an accident.
  • Been among the top 3 popular languages across the world for 27 years.
  • Android System of Google uses Java API which means daily billion users use Java language.


Reasons why Java Development will rule the world in coming years:



  • Plenty of Job opportunities:



There are 70,000+ jobs available for candidates who have a strong knowledge of Java in today’s world. Top MNCs hire thousands of Java developers every financial year. The number will increase in the coming years which secures its position as one of the most popular languages.



  • Demand for Website and Mobile applications in the market:



Every business or company requires either a website or mobile application to increase their customer or client network. From year to year, the number of mobile app downloads is increasing rapidly. According to statistics, there will be 150 billion downloads in 2020, which will increase to 180 Billion in near future. 


The release of new Java Development frameworks from time to time helps the developers to create quality apps and websites.



  • Best programming language for beginners:



Java is the easiest language for everyone new to coding. It strengthens the foundation of coding which helps you to go ahead in your career. Java can help a beginner to crack a placement during the study only. Online websites and tutorials help a beginner learn to code more effectively. This secures its position in the coming years without any doubt.



  • Versatile and Flexible Language:



The versatile and flexible feature of Java always ensures the business functionality is smooth and effective. During the pandemic, every company had to operate from their home which was a huge challenge for most companies. The challenge is to operate only from office devices rather than their devices.


Java development companies were free from this challenge as their employees can work on any operating system like Windows, Mac etc. Developers build secure applications and software which doesn’t happen in a few companies. Due to this Java’s popularity and importance increased across the world. 



  • Set of Java APIs:



Java APIs help developers build strong powerful applications. Java Development companies use these APIs to integrate applications and websites to fetch real-time information. 


Ex: To get a gala a -time analysis of a Twitter handle or hashtag API keys are used to access the application and gain the information.


Everyone uses social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc. The multiple options available on a single screen are possible through Java APIs. This is one more strong reason why Java rule’s this world. 



  • Perfect language for automation testing:



Selenium testers prefer Java programming language for testing as the core Java is enough to write test scripts. Automation is the future and Java plays a key role in testing those applications. 


  1. Forward evolution with backwards compatibility   


Java is one language which slowly evolves year by year and meets the changes demanded by the community. For any language to rule the world for a longer time backwards compatibility is a must. Java ensures they have strong backward compatibility which is key for the enterprise software development world. This is the reason Java development companies are successful and can adapt quickly to any change.



  • Java Developers can make huge money:



Across the globe the salary of a Java developer is huge. In the USA the average salary of a Java developer in a Java Development company is around 93k dollars. Even an entry-level Java developer earns more money than others. The Java language is enough to earn more money for longer periods. 


It is not easy to be one of the three popular languages in the world for a language which completed 27 years in software development. The stability, features, updates and demand for this language are always increasing which will survive for years to come. It might be a tough challenge with the rapid growth of emerging technologies but Java can rule the world for years to come.


About us:

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