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Dynamic and powerful high-level language for designing and implementing desktop applications and an easy to implement scripting language for building faster web applications and dynamic applications for clients.

Python for rapid application development

From being one of the leading Python development firms, Brainfuel delivers best-in-class web and mobile applications services, using advanced Python development web frameworks, programming language, & latest cutting-edge tools. Our team of experienced, energetic and knowledgeable professionals aims to provide the absolute level of servicing the customers by deploying innovative project management systems. Our top line array of web development solutions exhibit Python’s most distinct feature which is readability and ensures state-of-the-art product quality.

Features of Python

Python has a few sets of keywords, simple structure, and has a clearly defined syntax. This allows anyone learning python to pick up the language quickly when compared to C++, Java etc.
Interactive Mode
Python language supports an interactive mode which allows interactive testing and debugging of snippets of code. This is a particularly useful feature in terms of software application development.
Similar to Java, Python is able to run on a wide variety of hardware platforms and the interface is the same on all platforms. Another reason for its demanding popularity.
Python programming language allows programmers to add or customize their tools in order to be more efficient by the addition of low-level modules to the python interpreter.
Java is known for its security. Since it has no explicit pointers like in C++ and the code is run inside a virtual machine, thereby making it secure and ideal for developing web applications.
Wide standard library
Python's bulk of the library is very much portable and cross-platform. It is compatible with operating systems namely UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh. This makes working with python hassle-free on separate operating systems.

Where Python is used

Graphic Design Applications

Much popular 2D imaging software such as Inkscape, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, Scribus etc.are created using Python. Also, various 3D animation packages like Blender, 3ds Max, Houdini, Lightwave and Maya, also have used python for its creation.

Operating Systems

Python plays an important part in various Linux distributions. The most popular Linux distribution Ubuntu’s Ubiquity Installer, Fedora’s and Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s Anaconda Installer are mainly written in Python. Gentoo Linux also makes use of Python language for its package management system, Portage.


Besides being quick and easy to learn, Python also has the biggest advantage in terms of open source i.e of being free with the support of a large community. This makes python the preferred choice of python for prototype development.


This is what Python is well known and preferred for. Its relatively simple syntax structure is easy to write, test and deploy. This also allows building custom web and desktop applications and testing much faster.


Python has its advantages in the development of games. The various libraries, platforms, models etc are all written in python that is used for game development. Popular examples include PySoy which is a 3D game engine that supports Python 3, and PyGame provides functionality and a library for game development. Some of the most popular video games developed using Python includes Civilization-IV, Vega Strike etc

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language that was developed by Guido Van Rossum. The biggest advantage of this language is its code readability, particularly dealing with white spaces. Python is the third most used programming language behind C++ and Java. We are the best python development firm in India that uses only the latest version of python platform for designing and building applications for the web. Our services typically include Python application development for desktops and the web, custom application development and support.


At Brainfuel solutions, Our in-house team of proficient developers understand the fundamental design principles and are familiar with well-known frameworks such as .NET, core, Asp.Net, Jinja2 etc. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel who are experts in various front-end technologies. We also have an excellent knowledge of various Python microframeworks such as Django, Flask, Tornado, Zope Pyramid etc. The possibilities of Python are endless. The back-end of some of the world’s most popular used applications such as Facebook, Youtube etc is run by Python platform. For us, adapting, designing and building applications using Python technology gives us great confidence and satisfaction. We develop custom desktop and web applications that are highly responsive and reliable. We as a developer always build our applications with the customer preferences in mind, which allows us to craft exactly the same ideologies of the client. Python has many versions introduced since its inception in 1991 and the latest version of python as of December 2018 is 3.7.2.

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