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Technology Migration

Hire Brainfuel Solutions to initiate a painless migrate process for your data.

End to End technology Migration services company

Struggling to survive in the market with your ages-old digital product, which is still very useful but cannot sustain due to its efficiency issues, it is the time to migrate. Brainfuel Solutions is your Technology Migration partner and we assist in upgrading legacy applications & systems, data migration, platform migration to new technologies.

To guarantee the scalability of products, our technology migration services company helps companies in migrating their legacy application to easy-to-use, high-performance, up-to-date technologies. We devise workload requirements, modernize and migrate applications hassle-free, offer a secure, stable infrastructure and deliver a smooth transition to the new technology model(s).

Brainfuel Solutions conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of the current business and technology environments to plan a merged re-engineering architecture. Our expert team will syndicate our technology knowledge, several transformation preferences and recommended solutions to re-engineer your product or application to the newest technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, server segregation – AWS, etc.

Service Offerings

Looking for the best technology migration services company In India? We guarantee you custom legacy application migration services & solutions as and when called upon. Discuss your project with us

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Legacy Application Migration

We stand in very limited technology companies, who can re-engineer or update this legacy software and can put life in it. Say you have desktop applications aiding critical business problems written in a rare language and you infrequently getting support, why not to migrate it in the latest frameworks of your choice.Legacy Application Migration Brainfuel Solutions recognizes the need for this change and offers legacy application migration solutions. Our team helps you upgrade your systems and applications to add value to your business by enhancing the right mix of current application management vis-a-vis new technology migration or enhancements. The Application Migration Services provided by our company contains enhancement of the current applications to a newer version or re-engineering the current applications with new technologies.


Why work with us?

Partnering Approach
Our technology migration team works in a partnering approach with clients, and we love to see the project not as a job to be done, but as a cause, we will invest in.
Best Coding Practices
Being the best technology migration services Company in India, we integrate the best practices during implementation with a consulting approach to the process
Robust Implementation Methodology
Our legacy application migration experts use a robust implementation methodology to deliver and make sure the best value for money and faster ROI.
Experienced Team
Our team of highly experienced technology migration consultants brings true value to customers and helps achieve higher return on investments through a consulting approach by handling many requirements proposed by the client.

Looking for the Best technology migration services Companies in India?

Is it a key element while modifying any new system? We always assess both data volume & data value before taking any strategic move. We have homegrown tools like with numerous data adaptors for data movement across database platforms.

Technology migration is the procedure of moving from the usage of one operating environment. Migration can contain upgrading to new hardware, new software or both. The migration process comprises certifying that:

  • The features of the new operating environment are demoralized;
  • Old settings do not need changing; and
  • Current applications endure working.

Companies can conduct small- scale migration projects that transfer only a single system, or they can involve a large-scale migration project that involves numerous systems, new applications or a redesigned network. Here are some of the incremental steps in the way of modernizing existing legacy systems

Recover User Experience: There is an effort in shifting from the character-based screens to rich Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). This advances online end-user experience and develops customer satisfaction.

Adapt Existing Applications: Portions of the application that are strongly coupled and cannot be simply modified to modern workflows want to be modified to participate in the current modern workflows. In such cases, the whole application need not be phased out but could be modified and used.

Create New Capabilities: New solutions need to be generated and plugged into current applications to familiarise themselves with market conditions. This can be attained by proper analyses and re-engineering of present applications.

Performance, user-friendliness, usability, precision, uniqueness, and efficiency are some features which select the future of your product. The digital world is so cruel that you might be the best choice for your customers today, while out of the race within a year. Ever-evolving technologies and innovations keep it competitive, incessantly. That’s why Brainfuel attempts to assess and transform your product when needed. We provide a fully comprehensive set of product technology migration services.

Brainfuel Solutions has provided its migration services to hundreds of software, website, product, and enterprise app owners till the date. Taking care of quality and security, our developers make the migration process after thorough planning and analysis only. Our product technology migration services keep you modernized, well-maintained, and above all the competitors. There is nothing our technology migration experts cannot do- Whether it’s about switching technology, securing data, upgrading platform, or changing databases.

Key Results of taking our reliable Product technology migration services are:

  • A less time-consuming and well-organized transition process
  • No risk of data or feature losses
  • Better performance and speed of product
  • An important boost in user-friendliness and end-user satisfaction
  • Fewer maintenance expenses
  • Improved security
  • Improved scalability, stability and robustness

Our proficiency in legacy and new-age technologies, as well as experience across industries and domains, aids us to accomplish enterprise application migration and modernization successfully and effortlessly.

In today’s global marketplace, with technology advancing at a fast pace, companies want to maintain their competitive edge by investing in newer technologies that result in higher efficiency and productivity. We partner with you to make sure that this migration results in minimum service or operational disruptions and no loss of business-critical data. Tasks have involved re-engineering of software to transfer applications legacy systems to three-tier web or cloud-based architectures from present applications to other OS or to improve backend databases.

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