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Brainfuel Solutions helps you through everything you need to perform spatial analysis on your vector data

Vector Analysis

Vector analysis data is very useful for storing and representing data that has distinct borders, such as borders or building footprints, streets and other transportation links, and site points. Brainfuel Solutions will guide you through everything you need to achieve vector analysis on your vector data. You will study how to make your data for correct analysis, work with the geoprocessing environment to search for and run tools as well as use them in an analysis model, make various types of vector analysis, and disclose/examine patterns in your data by means of 3-D statistics and time-based tools

Vector Data Models

Points are a zero-dimensional substance that includes only a single coordinate pair. Points are normally used to represent remarkable, distinct features such as buildings, walls, power poles, sample locations, and so forth. Points have only the assets of a place. Points can be spatially associated to form more difficult features. Lines are one-dimensional features composed of numerous, clearly related points. Lines are used to symbolizing linear features such as roads, streams, faults, boundaries, and so forth. Lines have the assets of length. Polygons are two-dimensional features formed by multiple lines that loop back to generate a “closed” feature. Polygons have the properties of area and perimeter.


Vector data models lean to be enhanced representation of authenticity due to the exactness and precision of points, lines, and polygons over the frequently spaced grid cells of the raster model. This results in vector data analysis tending to be more aesthetically agreeable than raster data. Vector data analysis also offers an improved capability to modify the scale of surveillance and study. As each synchronized pair linked with a point, line, and polygon represent an infinitesimally correct location zooming deep into a vector image does not change the view. File sizes are typically much smaller than their raster counterparts since vector data tends to be more compressed in the data structure. vector data often needs a fraction of the computer storage space when compared to raster data.

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GeoSpatial Analysis using Vector Data

It is a single layer Analysis. Buffering is the method of creating an output polygon layer carrying a zone of a particular width around an input point, line, or polygon feature. Buffers are common vector analysis tools used to tackle questions of immediateness in a GIS and can be used on points, lines, or polygons.
Geoprocessing Operations
Geoprocessing is a set of tools provided by a lot of geographic information system (GIS) software packages that let the user mechanize many of the ordinary tasks connected with manipulating GIS data. Geoprocessing typically involves the input of one or more characteristic datasets, followed by a spatially open analysis, and resulting in an output feature dataset.
Overlay Operations
The overlay is the process of enchanting two or more diverse thematic maps of the same area and introducing them on top of one another to form a new map. Numerous basic overlay processes are accessible in a GIS for vector datasets: point-in-polygon, polygon-on-point, line-on-line, line-in-polygon, polygon-on-line, and polygon-on-polygon.
Other Multilayer Geoprocessing Options
In addition to the aforesaid vector overlay methods, other common multiple-layer geoprocessing options are obtainable to the user.

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Vector data analysis models can be organized in many different ways. We will observe two of the more common data structures here. The modest vector data structure is called the spaghetti data model. One could imagine each line in this vector analysis data to be a single strand that is fashioned into complex shapes by the calculation of more and more strands of spaghetti. It is prominent that in this vector analysis data, any polygons that lie together to each other must be made up of their own lines, or strands of spaghetti. In other words, each polygon must be exclusively defined by its own set, even if the adjacent polygons share the exact same borderline information. This creates some terminations within the vector analysis data model and therefore decreases effectiveness.

Despite the place descriptions associated with each line, or strand, spatial relationships are not flexibly programmed within the vector analysis data model; rather, they are disguised by their location. This results in a lack of topological information, which is tricky if the user attempts to make dimensions or study. The computational necessities, therefore, are very steep if any progressive analytical techniques are active on vector files organized thusly. However, the simple structure of the vector analysis data model permits for well-organized imitation of maps and graphics as this topological information is needless for plotting and printing. Vector analysis data models incline to be better illustrations of genuineness due to the correctness and exactness of points, lines, and polygons over the frequently spread out grid cells of the raster model. This results in vector analysis data tending to be more visually attractive than raster data.

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