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A good UI with an intelligent UX is always good for your business as well as your users. Brainfuel has been very much experienced in building UI applications that offers the best user experiences. The business logic has been implemented in such a way that the customer keeps using the solution frequently.

Love At The First Sight

By effectively dealing with mysterious business problems that kill your productivity, a good UI with an intelligent UX is always good for your business as well as your users. In this era of digital revolution, it is very important to give your customer the best and easy journey on your services.



Our UI/UX design company start by researching the client by studying the business, values,mission and values. Opposition research and marketing demographics are taken into considerations and combined to arrive at a plan.


A plan is initiated out by our team to pursue a practical course to get the front end. The plan is linked with customer need, user experience and the business philosophy. Our UI/UX strategy is started here to get the possible result.

User profiling

UI UX design company researches in detail to design a usable and attractive front end. The product or service is to connected to human emotions to create an emotional connection.


Our UI design company comes with a skeleton that is created for the client in the early design phase while maintaining the envisioned theme. This serves as a blueprint for all the future development related activities.


The data from the user profile is re-analysed and is infused into the front end. The purpose of this process to make sure that the content and the feel of front-end is made with the end user as the focal point.


The images and texts are finalized, the visual aspects are chosen after a long consideration. The UI/UX designs are in tandem with the theme of the front end and the business itself. The consistency is maintained so that users will revisit and increase the traffic.


The front-end is tested for code quality, loading time, and responsiveness on multiple platforms. The feedback is taken into serious considerations so as to improve the designs. The UI/UX of the front end goes through a strenuous dissection to get the best version of the physical representations of the initial ideas.

UI vs UX

Let’s first clear the confusion. In simple terms, User Interface (UI) is the screen that a user interacts with a service. The visual elements such as images, icons, buttons, etc. enables the user to interact with the application/service. User Experience (UX) is the process that happens when a user interacts with the user interface and happens automatically. But a good UX design is achieved when both user and the business are treated with the best and easiest solutions they need. It is the art of initiating optimistic emotions through the service interaction.

Does your Organization have Golang Needs?

Our UI design agency makes sure that the design is attractive without being too loud. The design has to subtle enough make the user experience memorable and just loud enough to leave an imprint on the user’s mind.
Optic connection
Before using a product or service, most people get a look and feel of the service by what see and do with the front. This is a combination of “first impression is the best impression” and love at first sight.
User centered design

Features and accessibility to those features make all the difference when it comes to user engagement and usability. A welcoming design with the user as the focus is our approach to design.

Simplicity and complexity
A simple design doing complex task is our niche and it is how we like to do our work. The fusion of complexity and the minimalistic helps in user to get the maximum out of the product.
Self service
Most customers like solve problems related to the service themselves compared to engagement with the business verbally or even by written form. A well designed UI/UX can provide a great complaint redressal option. Thus our ux design company’s priority is user friendly website.
Humanizing technology
Our ux design company’s goal is to connect a digital side of business with the human side of the business. Which means understanding the needs of a business and the user, thus our pursUIt of excellence in user interface development.
It must be a case of love at first sight to be remembered in the vast of arena of competition. The design has to be a combination of usability, eye pleasing aesthetics and overall simplicity.
Making the user to feel at ease with UI/UX designs is easier said than done, that’s why we are one of the well known UI UX design company around.
Investment importance
80% of the unanticipated fixes during development are issues stemming from the UI/UX, while the remaining 20% are actual bugs (Source: Strategic Data Consulting (2009). The digital front of business cannot be taken lightly or its importance cannot stressed enough, a good UI/UX is a combination of time, research and investment. Our ux design company makes sure you have a good ROI.

Why do you need a good UI/UX ?

The importance of a good UI/UX is more than the aesthetics, there is more than what meets the eye. Our UI UX design company makes sure that the website will attract and retain the visitors to increase the traffic, below are some of the reason why a business needs a good UI/UX

  • A good UI/UX can bring lots of traffic to the site.
  • A good UI/UX can increase the average visit time on a site.
  • A UI/UX can ease the communication between your business and the customer.
  • The UI/UX of a site can define the brand image and brand purpose.
  • A good UI/UX can lead to customer discovering your service instead of a promotion.
  • A good UI/UX can increase the customer loyalty due to a great user experience.
  • A good UI/UX can increase the customer interaction with the content of the business.
  • Nothing can simulate the positive word of mouth review like a good UI/UX.

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