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Challenges of e-learning during COVID-19

Challenges of e-learning during COVID-19

People around the world are acknowledged the crippling reality of COVID-19 and its adverse effects on different aspects of their life. Most of them are adopting with regard to their work, social living and education. Covid-19 has an unprecedented impact on education. The global education market is robust with the encounter of education app development company as everybody realised the importance of turning to digital technologies for learning after the pandemic. 

But, e-learning also has got many challenges as the internet connectivity and computer facilities are not accessible to a minority of the population. Thanks to smartphones and mobile subscription technologies around the world, many students and teachers can now conduct distance learning while sitting in their homes.

Challenges have 2 aspects

The COVID-19 challenges on e-learning have got two aspects as identified by reports and recent studies conducted by the commonwealth organization. To an extent, the expertise of education app development company can really help you sort out these challenges in many ways. 

  • Pedagogical challenges for teachers to adopt flexible approaches
  • Harnessing technology for learning and teaching


  • Pedagogical challenges


Children having resources are learning and adapting to the new learning methods forcibly just like teachers. No one was prepared to embrace the solutions put forward by education app development companies. It all happened overnight and teachers are struggling to adapt themselves to this new scenario. Teachers changed their lectures to online while students have to learn without any support in their homes where parents are supposed to help in studies.

This challenge is the first response we face if we are exposed to something new. With the help of freely available e-learning materials and well designed educational apps,  it is possible to overcome this challenge. Quality content in education app can really help students and teachers. The education app development company can come up with the best solution to personalised live video classes for students. 


  • Harnessing technology for learning and teaching


Harnessing technology for learning and teaching is essential. That’s why many seek the expertise of education app development company. With their help, it is possible to access appropriate and affordable e-learning solutions. 

In short, the connectivity to the internet, content quality along well-defined e-learning applications can tackle many challenges regarding digital learning solutions. When the students and teachers have access to the best e-learning solutions, they will be more equipped to handle the new challenges in teaching students distantly in a virtual environment. Research and statistics show that distant learning with e-learning solutions such as educational apps are useful to conduct blended learning and distant learning. 

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