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How do GIS mapping solutions accelerate digital transformation?

GIS mapping solutions and location-based technologies are used in many industries to enable better solutions for their respective prospects. Businesses understand embracing digital transformation is necessary for beating the competition. Many recent advancements in geospatial technologies are great and used by many sectors from logistics to healthcare.

Advancements in geospatial technologies

Geographic information systems (GIS) Scientific advancement in GIS is a positive sign of its effectiveness. A geographic information system deals with storing and manipulating spatial information. Without geographical information, data cannot be called spatial. A GIS mapping can showcase information of all kinds in different manners such as pictures, colour differences, vector representations and shapes. Digital transformation is the need of the hour and by embracing advanced GIS mapping solutions, it is possible to attain that. With the help of GIS-based solutions, you can get the following benefits:

  • Expanding database resource capabilities
  • Predicting trends and data become easier
  • Taking decisions will be much easier
  • Cost-efficient data segregation and analysis tool
  • Remote sensing system

GIS mapping solutions allow companies to monitor earth from orbit with the help of satellite-like Earth observation satellites. Using the collected images, all kinds of businesses can access information and address catastrophes right away. The geographic information system also allows remote sensing systems for businesses; using that they can easily scan places. For example, LIDAR is a global positioning system that creates accurate shoreline maps. 

  • GIS graphic information system

GIS is purely all about spatial information. All positions of a particular landscape are captured and processed using its unique characteristic graphic information system. Location type data can be modified into the following:


  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Zip code
  • Address code

A GIS graphic information system can process many kinds of data such as:

  • Landscape – Any kind of landscape like vegetation and location streams
  • People – You can segregate people in terms of education, income, geography and so on
  • Landmarks – All important landmarks such as farms.educational centres, schools and so on

Using the GIS’s graphical representation system, GIS professionals can really figure out spatial intelligence and derive conclusions. Open-source and bespoke GIS mapping solutions enable businesses to embrace digital transformation in a faster manner. Increased application and scope of geospatial analytics can be a great help in problem-solving as well as decision making. 

In short, all the advancements in GIS mapping solutions  are helping businesses in the following ways:

  • It transforms business intelligence into location-based intelligence
  • It enables businesses to fix time and space so helping to cultivate a holistic view of future

It is quite evident that by combining geographic solutions, you can achieve greater digital transformation. 

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Brainfuel is a top provider of GIS mapping solutions in India that provides location-based technologies as well as geospatial softwares. Our team is well versed in all aspects of Geospatial technologies. Being the best provider of GIS mapping solutions in India, we are bent on delivering GIS-enabled solutions for digitizing business operations in a most reliable manner. 



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