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Flutter Application Development

The Pros and Cons of Flutter mobile development for owners

You might have heard a number of programming languages like Flutter, Python and many others. Among them, Flutter mobile development has got prominence over the recent years. Knowing the merits and demerits of mobile app development with Flutter will be helpful for everyone.

Flutter app development prominence and popularity are quite evident from the Google play store. Whether you use it or not depends upon a number of factors such as the type of application and its nature. So far, Google provided many updates and add-on features to this open-source platform. The preview version of the Flutter for web formerly known as a Hummingbird.

If you are planning to own a mobile app or developing one with Flutter app development, you must consider its Pros and Cons before stepping into the project.

Flutter app development

Flutter is developed by Google and it is a mobile app SDK consisting of many features such as tools, widgets and framework. It is loved by the developers for its ability to easily build and deploy user interface applications. Besides, developing a mobile application is easy with cross-platform mobile app development. Its codebase supports both iOs and android.

The following are its winning features

  • It is a free and open-source platform
  • Dart is a fast object-oriented programming and this super easy language is the base of flutter mobile development.
  • Pretty simple and customizable widgets
  • Rich widgets can be created while using existing UI elements.
  • Flutter’s architecture is based on React and it is a serious competitor to Native app development.
Advantages of apps using Flutter mobile development
  • Fastness

Flutter allows you to develop a fast and dynamic mobile app development. Employing changes and adding features is easy. This is often called Hot reload.

  • One code for 2 platforms

The developer’s work is reduced as the code developed can be used for Android and iOs. So, a lot of time can be saved. At the same time, if you want to differentiate app it is also possible.

  • Less testing

You can use the same app for diverse platforms, so there is no need to test it again! Automatic tests and quality assurance checks can be created once. If the apps have differences, you need to test them twice.

  • Perfect for MVP

MVP meaning is a minimum viable product. If you need to include MVP, flutter is the best option

  • Catalogue of Flutter widgets

A catalogue of Flutter widgets allows easy creation of applications that are loved by all. Creating a visual tone and GUI will be easy. Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets are easy to use.

What are its downsides?

Flutter app development in India is rapidly progressing and there are some instances it is not a great choice.

  • Native app development is complex with its libraries
  • Continuous integration support is not possible
  • The library is not impressive as it requires maintenance
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