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Topmost Programming Languages For 2022

Throughout these years,  developers have acquainted themselves with many programming languages. Some of them are old and renowned for their incredible features. Other languages are still in the infancy phase but surprised developers with their ability to tackle catastrophes too. Therefore, analyzing the best programming language from the ongoing list is quite picky. Java, C, C++ are known to the world for years while Flutter mobile development, Golang are newbies to the coding world.

What is exactly a programming language? It is a kind of language that lets you communicate with your system. The use case of a programming language are many; some of them are used to develop mobile applications, websites and desktop applications. Experts in the coding world suggest that the following languages are going to dominate in 2022. To the developer’s relief, the list not only has language like Java but contains language like Flutter mobile development.

  • Python 

The corporate environment uses the Python framework for various purposes from building applications to web scraping. Guido Van Rossum developed the language and was a hit among developers around the world. It has got many frameworks as well as libraries. Like Flutter mobile development, Python is used in many respects. The flexibility of the language makes it feasible to anywhere. 

  • Java

Java is the old and topmost language used to develop client-side and server-side applications apart from website development. It also has got many libraries and frameworks to come up with stunning applications. Any type of application debate native and hybrid can be created using Java


  • Flutter


Flutter mobile development is a nowadays common phenomenon. It can support Android and iOS operating systems and the toolkit contains two important elements. The first one, UI library based on widgets and the latter is the SDK software development kit. The cross-platform friendliness of the language is notable. The Flutter framework of Flutter mobile development was developed by Google in2017.  It also makes use of the DART programming language.


  • Golang


Golang to Go, developed by Google is a hit language among developers. Like Flutter, it is also a young programming language. It is very easy to learn and put into practice. Actually, it has been invented as they needed an alternative to functional programming.


  • Dart


Dart is an independent programming language acknowledged by developers. Microsoft TypeScript added value to the language in many ways. Like Go, it is pretty easy to learn and use. Especially, multi-platform development is easy with Dart. Flutter use DART, a client-side programming language. Though the language is intricate with codes, it is comparatively easy to assimilate than JavaScript. 


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