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What are the best open-source platforms for E-commerce website development?

The global pandemic, COVID-19 and the widespread availability of smartphones accelerated the market share of the e-commerce business. Now, everything is online and many are coming forward to start their own business; even quitting well-paid jobs. The market is robust and the newbie e-commerce owners are all to try their luck. They seek help from e-commerce website development companies in order to develop their e-commerce store. There are many platforms available and it is important to choose the best one considering the nature of the e-commerce business. 


SaaS means the software as a service. SaaS models deliver e-commerce platforms operated by third parties. All e-commerce functionalities like Content management can be availed by paying a small amount fee. You can pay and use their services as long as you want them. You have no control over the maintenance and security as all of these will be managed by the SaaS provider. Using these SaaS e-commerce services, you can focus more on business aspects rather than hosting and updating security for your online storefront. commercetools, Magento and Shopify are some of the prominent SaaS e-commerce platforms.  

Open-source E-commerce website development platforms

Open-source e-commerce paltfroms are the opposite to the SaaS e-commerce paltfrosm. They allow you to change, view and distribute the code as you envisioned it to be for your own purpose. All configuration, hosting, updating and management can be executed on your own. In a nutshell, you have absolute control over the source code and can make bespoke solutions.

Open-source e-commerce website development platforms

There are many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and others. SaaS e-commerce platforms and open-source platforms have so many differences. It is up to you to select the best platforms according to your preferences and nature of business. Among them, the best open-source platforms are as follows:

  • Magento Open-source platform

Magento open-source platform, managed and hosted by Adobe is a prominent open-source eCommerce platform. It is the heavy-hitter in the e-commerce industry and has been providing value to a wide range of businesses since its inception. It supports different languages, features and varied payment integrations. Scaling your e-commerce website as your business grow is easy peasy with open-source platforms. 

  • WooCommerce 

WooCommerce is a widely known e-commerce platform and is especially good for businesses. It is not a comprehensive e-commerce platform but designed as a plugin for WordPress. It is cost-effective and free to install. Creating your storefront in a customizable fashion is easy with WooCommerce. 

You can hire a renowned E-commerce website development company to develop a stunning application. If you need to integrate security, hosting and payment gateway, you need to pay for it. 

  • Newbie E-commerce platforms

Newbie e-commerce platforms like shopware and Sylius are some of the prominent newbie e-commerce platforms. Shopware is regarded as one of the best sustainable solutions. It is flexible and less complex. 

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