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Flutter Application Development

Which famous companies are using Flutter and why?

Flutter is a relatively new programming language but is still used by many noteworthy companies. Not only giant enterprise businesses benefit from Flutter mobile development but small and mediocre businesses. The open-source platform formulated and invented by Google is hit off with many developers easily. As a result, the language is used to create vivid and unique mobile applications. 

Why prefer Flutter?

Famous and big companies around the world use Flutter mobile development as they find it is the best toolkit for developing cross-platform applications. The latest update Flutter 2.5 makes it further smooth and easy peasy for developers. It allows developers to reuse code for multiple operating systems such as Linux, Mac, Windows and thus help to create cross-platform applications. In this way, developers can ensure top-notch performance for the application.

Flutter consist of:
  • The layered model
  • Reactive user interfaces
  • An introduction to widgets
  • Rendering process
Companies that use Flutter
  • Tonal

Tonal, the gym expert provides an easy user experience and captivating visuals for users with Flutter. The company is focusing n providing a seamless user experience for its users in the fastest manner with Flutter. 

  • Alibaba

The Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba has been using Flutter for its mobile development solutions since its inception. The company opted for Flutter because of its high developmental features. 

  • InvoiceNinja

Many businesses around the world use InvoiceNinja for invoicing and billing. It is one of the first Flutter apps for the Windows operating system. The application uses Flutter’s multi-platform prowess.

  • Philips Hue

Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth are the prominent apps developed in Flutter by Philips Hue. Users can use these devices to control hue devices. 

  • Toyota

Toyota uses Flutter because it acknowledges the power of integrating Flutter mobile development into its operations. The program can be used in a constrained environment without compromising on performance. Providing smooth touch experiences along with in-vehicle user experience is possible with Flutter. 

  • eBay Motors

eBay motors want to provide a seamless car buying experience for their customers; both for iOS and android operating systems. Flutter accelerates the mobile development process and teams can easily come up with solutions. Most of the eBay motor apps are built using Flutter. 

  • Etsy

Etsy is a famous e-commerce company that focuses on handmade items. The company has been using Flutter for building an application for sellers. Etsy sellers find it easy to sell products with Flutter. 

  • Amazon

Amazon uses Flutter mobile development for easy transition of mobile apps using AWS services. Being a renowned cloud service provider, the Flutter adoption of the company means so much to other companies who embrace Flutter in 2021. 

About us 

Brainfuel is a renowned provider of Flutter mobile development in India that strives to cater for the requirements of customers in a full-fledged manner. Being the best provider of Flutter mobile development in India, our team is well equipped to provide the best mobile development solution for the varied needs of different businesses. By hiring our expertise, you will get the best class- cross-platform mobile applications for your business. 



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