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Why do companies using Golang embrace IoT mobile development?

The mobile application industry is experiencing rapid development as well as changes at breakneck speed. Businesses that develop mobile applications for various uses, now want to stay ahead of the game. To acquire this, they adopt the best practices such as employing new technologies and the best programming languages. Companies using Golang find themselves at a place where embracing these changes become easy. 

Internet of Things or IoT is an agile technology used by many mobile development companies. In recent years, the presence of IoT is not confined to mobile app development but expanded to other fields like healthcare, logistics, disaster management smart architectures, security, energy efficiency, agriculture and retail. Before delving into how IoT aids companies using Golang in developing a mobile application, let us understand what is IoT?

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a network of rapidly growing, agile technology used in many businesses. It comprises an IP address and is fundamental to every application. IoT brings connectivity to devices. You can find applications backed by IoT in your everyday life. You can connect any of your devices with a stable internet connection to IoT. It can give you access to data from a million devices.

IoT is connecting every ‘entity’ or ‘thing with each other. Those things can be sensors, smartphones, actuators and others. According to Business Insiders, it is the largest device market for coming years. The term was coined by Kevin Ashton and the purpose of IoT is to improve user experience along with customer service. Using IoT, you can connect to heterogeneous networks and the interconnection of devices become easy.

IoT and Mobile app development

Mobile development accelerated the use of smartphones and other gadgets. A dedicated mobile app is considered inevitable for a thriving business. It lets you communicate with clients effectively at the same time they can render your service without any interruption. With IoT, you can provide the best user experience for your prospects. 

  • Open-source Development – Open-source mobile development enables you to integrate mobile app frameworks easily.
  • Connectivity – Any device can be connected and accessed as you want using
  • Scope for hybrid app development – Hybrid app development scope is great when combined with IoT. 
  • Bespoke application development – Creation o bespoke application and adding features are very easy to cater
  • Improved security assistance – IoT secure app code and data to ensure the security of data.
  • Helps in business innovation- Innovation of business is effective using IoT enabled applications. 
  • Can use anywhere anytime, location independence – The interconnection of devices is possible as long as you have a stable internet connection.
  • Cost efficiency – Mobile application development become viable and affordable with IoT.
  • Reduced human effort – Without additional human interaction, it is possible to make new features in development.

To sum up. IoT is the future of technology that has great potential for mobile development. Companies using Golang and other mobile development companies have started to incorporate it into their development. The surge of IoT enabled mobile applications and huge potential market make it an ideal technology to be used in mobile development. 

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