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Flutter Application Development

Flutter 1.22 version update: Why it matters for your business?

The latest flutter version was released in October by Google; so all cross-platform applications on the SDK must migrate to the new version. It is one of the best cross-platform application SDK for any enterprise across the globe. Flutter app development company can execute it for great yields. 

The flutter version 1.22 has supreme value and enormous benefits to count for. 

New Update Announcement

The quarterly releases have considerable brand new features and add ons for boosting the performance and efficiency of the cross-platform. It is indeed a piece of good news for the flutter app development company.  They could make the best applications alongside a new operating system launch. The latest version flutter 1.22 provides extended support for iOS 14 and Android 11. Localizing apps during the infant stage is possible with new tools alongside dissection of app size. 

Flutter app development company uses 1.22 version for business goals

iOS 14 – Updates
  • It is easy to fix crashes and font rendering
  • It supports new iOS SF symbols font
  • Reaching out to new customers easier with – Creation of app clips

These three updates are great and can be used for the betterment of the business.

  • You have access to SF symbols in the native iOS app

Native iOS applications made with the Flutter app work seamlessly just like your application. 

  •  App clips can be built with Flutter

The app clips in your application allow the customer to finish all their ordering or other requirements within a flick of a time. This feature can be applied to a wide range of realms such as entertainment, tourism, the food sector, education and so on. With an adept Flutter app development company, it is easy to incorporate this into your application. 

Android 11 – Updates

Flutter app development company in India built apps for iOS and Android operating systems. The new two Android 11 features get ample support using updates on the Flutter engine and framework. A replica of native Android application development is possible in the realm of the user experience of the application. 

  • Great support for Android notches

The reliable insets of Android cutouts, notches, widgets get great support. All interactive user experiences get replicated using SDK available in the native applications which works in a well-versed manner.

  • App animation is aligned in the Keyboard of Android 11

Synchronization of show and animation with the keyboard makes the native android elements attractive and increases UI/UX.  

  • Support for localization and internalization

The latest update makes the localization of the mobile app a piece of cake through the hot reload facility during the development stage. 

About us

Brainfuel, a Flutter app development company in India is known for creating applications for Android and iOS using the latest versions. We analyze your requirements alongside market-existing apps. Thus, the built-in solution surpasses all expectations by letting you reap inescapable benefits. Dart language is used in Flutter app development along with the latest tools and modifications. 




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