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Few facts about the increasing popularity of Golang

It is an ongoing process for developers to keep learning new programming languages. It is done either to meet corporate project requirements or due to sheer curiosity of learning and finding out possibilities of an advanced programming language. Maintaining best practices of secured coding can at times be challenging for developers and enables them to get effectively adapted to advanced languages. One such programming language that is becoming a rage in the present corporate business world is Go. Go, also known as Golang is an open-source programming language that was created by the tech giant Google. Since the inception to becoming the most talked-about programming language that it is now, Go is widely used by developers across the globe. Golang is now touted as the 5th trendiest language among developers for its simplicity and reliability. It is interesting to know golang development services is indeed one of the highest-paid computer jobs and it is obviously due to the ever-increasing popularity of the language. 

Though this is the case, a 2019 survey conducted among a large crowd of Go developers revealed that a vast majority of them (almost 59%) were still in the process of learning the new language despite they had been with Go for almost 2 years. This clearly indicates that Go has a long way to go in becoming more popular and widely accepted in corporate environments. Read on to know more about the reasons for the increasing popularity and advantages of this easy-to-learn programming language.

Golang syntax is simple and clean

The golang syntax has the advantages of both C and Python and has a useful garbage collector. Go supports structures and there are no objects. The language supports interfaces and compositions but not inheritance. One of the main advantages is that developers of golang development services don’t have to get concerned about referring to the methods while having a pointer to a variable. Go is typed statically and is nonstrict because of the interface. 

Go is scalable and effective  

Developers who undertake golang development services find that the compilation is steadfast when compared to other programming languages. The credit goes to the superior memory management and dependency level of golang. You must note that the runtime performance of golang is the same as C and C++ giving it an edge over other programming languages. Go is certainly much faster when compared to the competitors in terms of scaling. 

Easy to learn and most used language

Go is the open-source language that is now widely used by developers for golang development services. Learning and performing coding with Go is a simple to learn and easy task for the developers.  

Golang and security features

Security features must be of top priority while using an open-source language such as Go. It is highly recommended to understand the basic pitfalls and focus on enhanced application security testing solutions AST while developing applications based with Go. You can also refer to secured coding guidelines to get a clearer picture of the security features. 

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