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Flutter Application Development

What’s new about Flutter 2.8?

Mobile applications emerging tremendously and the need to develop stunning yet high-performance mobile applications remain a top priority. Aspiring mobile developers highly recommend using Flutter mobile development to come up with excellent mobile applications. The reason they tend to use Flutter for mobile development is many. 

  • Own rendering engine
  • Faster time to market
  • Flexible and complex UI
  • A native and hybrid apps can be created easily
  • Platform-specific logic implementation
  • Reduced code development time

Flutter is publicly available as it is an open-source platform used by millions of developers all over the world in order to come up with supreme quality, reliable mobile applications for iOS and Android. SDK of Flutter mobile development is comprehensible, easy and powerful and can be used to write coding in Dart programming language, developed by Google.  The arduous task of developing a mobile application becomes a piece of cake with Flutter mobile development. 

Flutter 2.8

Flutter has released a stable version called Flutter 2.8. In this, many widgets have been modified and introduced to develop a stunning mobile application. All new features and widgets are optimized to provide a great mobile environment for designing. Besides, Flutter mobile development is based on reactive programming and it supports many gestures as well as animation. The complete architecture of Flutter is built-in away to automatically compare the widget’s state instead of re-rendering the whole widget. 

Major updates in Flutter 2.8: High performance & 2D game engine

Flutter has a modern and reactive framework that provides many new features in its latest version. The latest Flutter 2.8 version is mainly good for game development as well as high performance reducing responsive time. 

When you build an app with Flutter 2.8, it showcases great swiftness. By upgrading to the latest version of Flutter, you not only gain faster performance but also less memory usage. Apart from high-performance optimization, Flutter mobile development also supports the following:

  • Top-notch support for Firebase
  • Top-notch support for GoogleCloud back-end services
  • Production support for Googe  ads
  • Latest version 

Flutter mobile development with regard to game development is much simpler with the latest version. It supports a 2D game engine for game development. Flame, the 2D game engine is the best in Flutter 2.8 which provides a quick solution for game developers. It comprises collision detection, game loop, gesture and input support, sprites and images and object system. Moreover, the 2D game engine can be merged with bridge packages along with other libraries. 

In short, Google is the search giant that unwaveringly tries to make Flutter a better cross-platform programming language for developers. They try to come up with better toolkits and frameworks enough to make mobile app development easier and effective.

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