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In a sector where competition is from every and all direction, be it the ever-changing customer demands and expectations and the clear and present danger of e-commerce giants. The retail sector has been bombarded with multiple solutions that catered to different needs of the sector never anything which truly helped the sector to come back from the current slump. We as one of the best robotic process automation companies, we have understood the subtle and the not so subtle challenges the retail sector is facing now. What the retail sector needs now is to communicate with customers more effectively, whether be it a promotional or a service request. Our solution for the retail establishments can help from monitoring your catalogue, stocks, customer spending patterns, customer choices, and most importantly customer feedback and customer complaints. Below are some of the specific areas where we can help.

Personalized Offers

Create personalized offers from purchase history, preferred payment method, and other insights to create personalized shopping experiences for your clients. 

Price Matching

Have an eye on your competitors, get insight into their pricing methodologies to keep ahead of your competition. Our digital worker can track pricing from multiple outlets including their offers, pricing, conditions, and discount timings.

Customer Care and Contact Centre

Digital workers initially collect data so the worker can accelerate the complaint or query with much more efficiency and clarity.

Inventory Level Checks

Our digital workers can monitor your stocks on a detailed level. They can differentiate stocks for online and offline sales. Restock and re-categorize returned items into the existing stocks seamlessly, flag exceptional shrinkage and generate reports for restocking including insights for popularity for individual items.  

Business-Driven Data Collection

Get data which is translated to sound business decisions, our digital workers automate and aggregate the data from multiple sources, for example, your online sales history, POS, loyalty programs, sales during specific time periods, festive or seasonal discounts, individual product mobility, and inventory diversity and their specific impact on sales. With this data, one can make business decisions that drives up revenues and profits. Get your business in pure numbers and get insights into what works, what should be changed, and what should be cut from your business immediately.

Staffing Solutions

The retail sector is staffed with employees under different contracts and different duties, with multiple branches across multiple locations, the difficulty is multiplied. Our solution caters to multiple problems associated with staffing in the retails sector. Our digital workers can create payrolls based on attendance, sales commission, and other metrics. This timely and transparent payroll results in motivated and dedicated staff. You can create a welcome letter, onboarding packages, work schedules, attendance tracking, and more with our single solution.

Complaints and Returns

Our digital workers make sure that your complaints are handled efficiency as our digital workers work in tandem with your physical workers to streamline the process. Our digital workers collect the information so your physical workers can resolve the issue quickly. Our digital workers can handle the returns as the same principal initial data collection is used to escalate the issue to the physical worker can resolve the issue quickly.  

How can we help?

We can help your organization to help save time on better merchandising, resolving customer issues, increase customer satisfaction, reduce overhead costs associated, and more. We are one of the best robotic process automation companies around when it comes to automating the customer service process. Get an agile solution that learns from previous interactions.  A solution that can scale up or down according to your specific needs.





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